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Can I use Shoe Goo instead of soldering?

argh.pirate asked:

I took apart a video game controller and the two wires leading to the battery box came loose because they were in the heat outside (100) degrees while the paint for the shell dried. They were held on the circuit board with a goo but I don't want to buy soldering goo or whatever it's called. Can I use a little Shoe Goo to do this? Will it conduct electricity? It looks and feels similar to the little bit that's left on the circuit board. Solderers please help!
Or what about a glue gun?
Also, what is solder paste and would this work? How much is it and where can I get it?

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2 Responses to “Can I use Shoe Goo instead of soldering?”

  1. fyrecrowe says:

    If you are certain that the contacts touch, you could proabably use hot glue, I would think the Shoe Goo would just be too messy.

  2. John H says:

    I doubt that would work. Adhesives for this type of application are specially designed for conducting electricity and I don’t think what you are describing is made for that. It wouldn’t be a big deal for someone to solder the two wires on the circuit board. Why don’t you bring it to a Radio Shack and see if someone would do that for you.

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