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How use liquied flux in soldering?

mahvid_1363 asked:

I want to know what's liquid flux?
And do it decrease temperature of soldering?
And how can we use it in soldering?

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  1. mrwonderfull says:

    flux is an acid that cleans the surface of the material to be soldered,with out it solder wont stick nearly as good,when you have you soldering iron at the right temputure just dip the tip of the hot iron in the flux,then heat the spot to be soldered then applt the solder its self,after the soldered joint is cool clean off the surface residew,or the acid will eat wway the joint,now days there are solders that already contain the flux,some solders are hololow and the ascid is in the core,its calles acid core solder,but you still have to clean the joint to remove all acids of any kind used,also meuratic ascid is a cheap acid for preperation pryor to soldering,heating and airconditioning sheet metal shops use it so they can make big solder seams to weld sheet metal duct work to gether,dont breath the smoke that comes from the soldering process,it can over time cause lead poisining,and the acid vapors can cause lung damage,but with a little caution you will be alright,remember dont try to solder in a draft it will make whats called cold joint and might not hold or conduct electricity worth a whoot

  2. Ray says:

    Liquid flux is nothing but rosin or resin. Flux is used in soldering basically to remove any oxide from the copper tracks and the component leads so that the solder properly adhires to the pcb.

    Yes flux do decrease temperature of the soldering iron to some extent because some of the thermal heat is exhausted by the flux.

    Flux is available in the form of liquid and paste. Flux pens are also available.

    Hope you find this answer useful.

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