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Why is the soldering iron tip life is short?

fahmey_eusoff asked:

During the past 2 months, I've bought 2 new soldering iron and both tips failed after a short span of time. What makes its life so short?

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6 Responses to “Why is the soldering iron tip life is short?”

  1. wgm789 says:

    Could be the flux your using. acid flux for piping will eat a soldering iron tip.
    If your not using flux at all then you’ll have to run your tip way hotter then you need to.

  2. thelostmedici says:

    Is it possible you are using acid core solder? You didn’t mention electrical/electronic soldering or if you were doing jewelery soldering. Are you wearing out the tips, or are they becoming less useful over time and not heating?

    Using a wet sponge to wipe off the build up, and ‘re-tinning’ the soldering iron tip regularly to keep it clean and shiny will help a lot.

  3. the Figurer says:

    Something is wrong if yours have “failed”. I use them 250W units for lead glass.
    Tips are replaceable as for in the process of soldering, cleanliness is a must. and a soldering iron with a bunch of old oxidized solder on it will not heat up as good as the bare copper it once was… the tip of the iron is filed clean of solder every so often. The iron only supplies the heat to the surfaces to make them hot enough to melt the solder.
    Finer soldering irons for electronics, I use sandpaper and clean the tips of solder.

  4. Hank says:

    Soldering “iron” or “gun”? Soldering iron tips are long-lived, and replacable. The tips on any guns I have used are also replacable, but more fragile than the big, solid copper tips used on irons.

    In my experience, using acid cored solder or liquid or paste acid fluxes has little effect on tips. Using a “sal ammoniac” brick to clean your tip prior to tinning extends tip life (it is actually a flux) andmakes tinning easier.

    I’f you’re having tip life troubles, maybe you should take a look at your technique. It could be an operator problem.

  5. joe v says:

    Did you “tin” the tip? You need to heat the tip up, coat it with solder (called tinning). Then as the tip begins to fail, heat the iron and use a cotton rag to clean the old solder off and re-tin. Tip should last a long time if you do this. Hope it helps.

  6. Armando H says:

    They last a long time if you take care of it. First step is to get solder with a flux core and put that on the tip. When your done use copper braid to clean off all the solder on it. If the tip starts getting bad you can use a file to file it down till its nice and shiny again.

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